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GrahamTek owns the inventor knowledge of how to build the most efficient 16” Reverse Osmosis water treatment plants globally.


GrahamTek was founded by William Graham, a water purification pioneer with experience in designing, building, installing, and operating water treatment facilities to the World Health Organisation standards. Furthermore, he is the inventor of more than 33 patents that are recognized globally and most of which are currently in use by licensees around the world.

William Graham was the pioneer and original inventor of 16” Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology, and his vision and foresight have now become a reality, with this technology being used in some of the biggest desalination plants in the world, producing more than 1 billion liters a day.

16” RO plants offer significant commercial advantages over other RO technologies and as the inventor of the original 16" technology, William Graham has unparalleled know-how and expertise to design and build water treatment plants of the highest performance standards.






The global demand to reduce waste combined with the worldwide drive to reduce reliance on fossil fuels has spurred GrahamTek to develop its patented Waste-to-Energy systems. 


GrahamTek is one of the globally known researchers in this technology, and as a result of its research and development, the GrahamTek Waste-to-Energy system is a leading design that produces fuel using no external catalytic chemicals, has a clean operation process and meets the requirements of the European and South African regulatory frameworks.



The GrahamTek Fueltech Technology was created in 2015 by GrahamTek to produce Alternative Refuse-derived Fuels (ARF). The products are Fuel Oils and Marine Gas Oil produced to the international standard for such fuels. The GrahamTek Fueltech Technology, ARF is a Waste-to-Energy process, which functions within the non-hazardous Waste Management Hierarchy. It is the Thermal Treatment (Category T4 - not for disposal purposes) of Category B General Waste. The initiative is a Waste Minimisation Programme aimed at reducing the disposal of waste to landfill.

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