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Our Heritage

Mr. William “Koerie” Graham founded GrahamTek Systems. In the 1990's he pioneered the 16" Reverse Osmosis technology globally. This technology was said to be impossible to achieve; its success and breakthrough meant that this technology is in use in some of the biggest desalination and wastewater treatment plants in the world today. Mr. Graham has achieved global recognition for his inventions and technologies and from his achievements as the principal consultant and advisor on more than 130 installations in more than 16 countries worldwide.  Mr. Graham has spent the past five years not only perfecting these technologies but also developing his now patented design which converts hydrocarbon waste to energy. With his vision and passion for innovation, he has worked to integrate the Waste-to-Energy concept into the water treatment design to create a synergistic solution. The result is a breakthrough in waste and water treatment.


Today, GrahamTek Systems continues with the innovation tradition, but with a strong commercial focus. The company is poised to become a global giant in the waste and water treatment arena. Its disciplined approach to the commercialization of science and technology is an attribute that creates trust with multi-national industry leaders, with whom GrahamTek Systems has partnered to create the most competitive solutions in the industry. Possessing both inventor and innovator knowledge, GrahamTek Systems has become an authoritative source of engineering knowledge and know-how related to the application and design of 16” RO systems.

William "Koerie" Graham, inventor of 16" Reverse Osmosis Technology.



William "Koerie" Graham, inventor of 16" Reverse Osmosis Technology.

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